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Monday, 25 October 2004

Britain's "Plans" To Win the 2012 Olympics

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) and Demos, think tanks who advise the UK government, have come up with a "brilliant wheeze"; designed to ensure that the UK wins the bid to host the 2012 Olympics.

It seems that the bright boys in Demos and IPPR have suggested that pubs should stage their own Olympics, apparently this will sway the Olympic judges decision as to which country should host the 2012 Games.

Clearly the members of these "think tanks" don't get out much.

They also suggest that Britain should host "Street Olympics".

I have to say, I find it incredible that good money is being thrown away on coming up with ideas that have no chance of winning the bid.

The bottom line is very simple, the UK will not be hosting the 2012 Olympics.

Let us move on, and focus our attention on more pressing issues.

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