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Friday, 3 December 2004

BALCO Rears Its Head Again

Steroid distributor, Victor Conte, has accused athletics star Marion Jones of taking illegal performance enhancing drugs before winning five medals at the Sydney Olympics.

ABC television showed an interview with Conte; in which he claimed not only to have supplied Jones with several banned drugs, but also instructed her how to use them and watched as she injected herself in the leg.

These athletes pretend to be concerned about fitness and health, yet they destroy their bodies by injecting themselves with poison.


The full interview will be shown today on the American news show "20-20".

Jones denies the charges.

Conte claims to have supplied Jones with a variety of banned drugs from August 2000 to September 2001, including; EPO, human growth hormone, insulin and a form of THG.

Jones' lawyers have argued that Conte cannot be believed, because of his role in a scandal which has rocked athletics and cast a shadow over baseball.

The BALCO scandal has snared Conte, BALCO vice president James Valente, athletics coach Remy Korchemny and Greg Anderson, personal trainer for baseball star Barry Bonds.

The BALCO trial will begin next March.

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