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Tuesday, 7 June 2005

IOC Evaluation Report

Paris is still front runner, one month before the vote for the 2012 Olympic Games host.

In an evaluation report issued by the IOC Paris received the best overall review; London, New York and Madrid also got positive ratings, while Moscow was criticised.

The report focused on technical issues including; venues, financing, transportation, accommodation, security and public/government support.

The report acts a guide for the 117 IOC voting members, who vote in Singapore on July 6.

The report noted Paris's sports concept, "excellent accommodation," "high capacity and quality" transportation systems and "well-documented" budget.

It also noted that Paris had "fully taken into account" the IOC's framework for controlling the cost and size of the Olympics.

London was praised for the "significant sports and environmental legacies" involved in its plans for regenerating the city's rundown east side.

However, the IOC noted that "careful planning would be required to ensure that all facilities are completed on time." It also said that London's improved transportation plans were workable if "fully delivered" before 2012.

In reality, the transport system in London is unlikely to be upgraded in time for the Olympics; there is no way that the IOC can take that risk.

The report noted the uncertainty in New York over its proposed $2BN stadium on Manhattan's West Side.

Madrid was criticised for having hotels too far out of town.

Moscow was criticised the most:

"A lack of detailed planning in the candidature file and background information made it difficult for the commission to evaluate the project,".

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