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Wednesday, 12 October 2005

US May Not Bid For 2016 Olympics

It seems that after New York lost its bid for the 2012 Olympics, there may be no US cities at all bidding for the 2016 Games.

Peter Ueberroth, Chairman of the U.S. Olympic Committee, said that they would like to try. However, he noted that the international rules have changed and that they need to review their bid process.


"We don't want cities spending an awful lot of money and not have a full chance to be victorious. You can't just have a city step up and show their skills and not get full support from the state, not get full support from the private sector, not get full support from (federal officials). It's really a joint bid.

I'm not saying we won't bid. I'm saying we're going to be very careful and understand it all before we get excited

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