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Thursday, 23 February 2006

Doping Scandal Deepens

The doping story relating to Walter Mayerand the Austrian team, deepened; it is reported that Wolfgang Perner and Wolfgang Rottmann may participated in "illegal methods", as further leaks about the raid on the Austrian team HQ at the weekend emerge.

Police officers have allegedly seized unlabeled drugs, a blood transfusion machine and dozens of syringes.

The Austrian ski federation president, Peter Schroecksnadel, said that Wolfgang Perner and Wolfgang Rottmann who left the Games after the raids had confessed to a team official that they "may have used illegal methods."

A commission is being set up to investigate.

Schroecksnadel stated that it was "a mistake" for the Austrian team to have allowed Mayer to coach in a private capacity at the Turin Games.

Investigators also found more syringes at Mayer's quarters.

This is rather a slap in the face to Schroecksnadel who, on Tuesday was still in denial, was huffing and puffing that the investigation was "no longer about sport, it's just about rumours."

It is time that the athletes, and their "managers", got it into their heads that this cheating will not be tolerated.

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