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Tuesday, 21 March 2006

The Importance of Manners

He Zhenliang, former Chinese Olympic Committee chief and advisor to the Beijing Games organisers, has publicly stated that good manners must be a priority if the 2008 Games in Beijing are to be a success.


"It's the rude bus passenger or a witness to an accident who fails to lend a hand that stands in our way of staging an impressive Olympiad.

People are talking about showcasing our culture and the country's economic power through the extravaganza, but I think good manners should be put at the top of our agenda

He's quite right, and indeed the Chinese authorities are making sure that manners do play their part in the Games.

Beijing authorities have published a series of etiquette booklets, and are deploying "civility supervisors" on the streets.

He also said:

"In Chinese culture, sports are more a way to achieve self-realisation than a competition.

But the Olympic spirit, derived from Western culture, obviously takes an opposite view

The Beijing Games will be a unique opportunity for West and East to meet and exchange ideas.

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