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Monday, 1 May 2006

Manners Maketh Man

In addition to rebuilding Beijing in time for the 2008 Olympics, the Chinese are working flat out to improve the city's manners lest visitors to the Olympics form a poor impression of China.

Liao Fei, is a researcher who has been tasked with determining how to improve manners in Beijing before the 2008 Olympics. He says that public belching, pushing in crowds and talking loudly in movie theaters are too common.

Authorities are concerned that loud cell phone talkers, dog shit strewn pavements and incomprehensible public signs will leave a lasting bad impression.

Zhou Shiji, the Beijing author of Doing Instead of Knowing, said:

"If we don't change our habits before 2008 the world will look down on China."

His book "teaches people how to establish good habits" he said.


"Many Chinese know that their habits are bad, but they don't change because everyone else is doing the same things."

It will be quite a challenge I think.

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