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Tuesday, 13 June 2006

The Corrupt Olympics

It is reported that the sacking of the vice-mayor of Beijing, Liu Zhihua, who oversaw the construction of Olympic venues for the 2008 Beijing has unleashed a wave of commentary about corruption and graft in the lead up to the 2008 Games.

Seemingly Liu was not shy of indulging his own passions and built a pleasure palace for himself, staffed by young concubines on the outskirts of Beijing.

Foreign companies trying to work on the Games are reporting a widespread culture of graft and corruption.

Liu was sacked after he demanded a bribe from a foreign businessman, for the sale of land in Zhongguancun. Liu then refused to hand over the land, despite having been paid off, the businessman then reported him to the authorities.

Beijing is proving to be a tad sensitive over the corruption allegations, and have shut down any websites that comment on them.

Liu may well face the death penalty, defraud the state of more than $500K and you are executed!

But what of his boss?

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