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Thursday, 23 August 2007

Milking It

The London Olympics organisers (LOCOG), faced with an ever expanding budget (£12BN at the last estimate) for the 2012 games, are looking for ways of milking the event for every penny.

They have come up with a way of expanding the sponsorship list by adding another category, clothing and homeware.

A clothing and homeware manufacturer will be part of the "top-tier" sponsor group.

LOCOG chief executive Paul Deighton said:

"The addition of a new category demonstrates that there is a huge appetite from commercial companies to be part of 2012."

The other categories are banking and insurance, telecoms, automotive, airline, sportswear and oil and gas.

LOCOG's commercial director, Chris Townsend, said:

"It has become apparent over the last year or so that there was a great deal of interest from clothing and homeware companies so we decided to create this new category to harness that interest."

It's the money, not the sport that drives the Olympics.

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