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Friday, 7 December 2007

Emergency Funding

In a sure sign the the budget for the London Olympics 2012 is well and truly out of control, and the organisers are panicking, Olympics officials have not ruled out having to spend all of the £2.7BN.

This was set aside to pay for cost overruns on the London 2012 Games.

David Higgins, chief executive of the Olympic Delivery Authority told the Department for Culture, Media and Sport committee the contingency is "prudent".

He said the authority does not intend to ask for extra funds.

Until, of course, he needs them.

They know full well that they have the government by the balls on this, and there is no way that the politicians will be involved with a "failed" Olympics.

Such a pity that it is the taxpayers' money that is being used to prop up the failed careers of second rate politicians.

The budget currently stands at £12BN (including £2BN running costs), we can be assured that the final figure will be much higher.

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