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Monday, 12 May 2008

Size Matters

Plans to use Greenwich Park for the Olympics 2012 three day eventing have hit a snag.

The park is too small, and filled to the gills with archaeological treasures (Roman remains) including trees dating from the reign of Charles II.

Dane Rawlins, the rider and Olympic trainer is quoted in the Telegraph saying:

"We shouldn't have to desecrate a jewel of London to put on a two-week horse event.

The cross-country will ruin the park. They will have to cut the paths out and the track will have to go through the flower garden. The tree canopy is too low and trees will have to be cut or removed

Locog disagree with the campaign against using the park:

"We think that Greenwich Park will be one of the most amazing venues for the 2012 games and we believe that concerns about it being too small can be overcome.

Lots of people think the cross-country course will be fantastic. It hasn't even been designed yet, but we will take into account people's views

They would say that, wouldn't they?

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