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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Mugabe Style Land Grab

The plans for the "popular" and "well organised" London Olympics are causing more problems for those in the path of the Olympics juggernaut.

The 350 firms which were forced to move out of East London, so that the 2012 Olympic Park could be built, have yet to be paid their full compensation.

HMM, a newspaper wrapping and delivery firm that was served a CPO (compulsory purchase order), is preparing to take the London Delivery Authority (LDA) to court.

Ivor Gershfield, HMM's chief executive, is quoted in the Telegraph:

"I assumed that our business would be able to carry on where it left off. That is the idea of a CPO.

What happened was a Mugabe-style theft of our land. We were given assurances that they broke

Seamus Gannon, who runs concrete recycling company Bedrock Crushing, is taking his case to a tribunal.

"I'm not frightened to speak out because I'm getting screwed anyway. They bulldozed me. The way they dealt with me was to say 'Here's an offer and that's it'."

Mr Gannon said that he spent £180K on clearing his site in Marshgate Lane and moving, but the LDA paid only £75K in compensation.

Nothing as inconvenient as people's livelihoods will stop the Olympics juggernaut!

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  1. Rowner Regeneration is 9 ELITE sleaze
    MARXIST Regeneration!