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Friday, 23 October 2009

The Black Hole

The London Development Agency (LDA) was given a well deserved drubbing in the London Assembly's Budget and Performance Committee Pre-Budget Report for its lamentable financial controls that caused a £159M financial black hole.

The shortfall has "not only damaged the Agency's reputation but has significantly reduced its resources".

"The financial prospects for the LDA in 2010/11 are bleak.

Together with clawbacks from central government of previously allocated grants, this shortfall will result in the LDA's available resources being over 20% less in 2010/11 than previously planned.

This comes in a period when the LDA will be trying to establish credibility with Londoners as the lead agency on economic development and regeneration in the capital in a challenging economic environment

Committee chairman John Biggs said:

"The LDA must now demonstrate that lessons have been learned, controls improved and sufficient testing on budget areas carried out to ensure budgets going forward can be relied upon."


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