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Tuesday, 13 April 2010


The Telegraph reports that two years ago Aggregate Industries was awarded the contract to supply aggregate materials (eg concrete, gravel, stone and sand) to the Olympic Park. A key element, so people were given to understand at the time, of the contract was that 99% of the materials would be transported by sustainable transport methods. Within this figure, 25% (250,000 tons) would come by barge via Prescott Lock on the River Lea.

However, Tessa Jowell, the Olympics minister, has revealed that during 2009 a pathetic 600 tons of material had been transported to the Olympic Park by water.

For why?

It seems that the financial downturn has scuppered the plans to carry out the necessary dredging work. Therefore the tide is only high enough to carry barges for a few hours each day.

However, Aggregate Industries will not face sanctions, it seems that the ODA did not make it a binding requirement of the contract (even though it was a key part of the contract).

I wonder how many other Olympics contracts have been so "naively" negotiated by the ODA?

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