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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Train and Tube Service Improved For Games

The Evening Standard claims that London's tube and train services will be improved to cope with the extra demand during next year's Olympics.

Allegedly, according to the Olympics hype, more than 2,000 extra services will run during the Games in late July and early August 2012, and more than 1,500 extra services will be laid on during the Paralympics in late August and early September.

There will be train departures from London as late as 1.30am, whilst some tube services will leave central London as late as 2am.

Network Rail has suspended all disruptive engineering work on rail routes serving Olympic venues from the end of June to early September 2012. There will also be no weekend closures on London Underground.

All very nice, if this actually happens.

However, given that the transport system could do with improvements such as this irrespective of the Olympics, why are these improvements not made permanent?

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