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Friday, 18 November 2011

Corruption, Football and Sport

How "surprising" to read that football, that bastion of ethics and philanthropy, has mired itself in yet another scandal, this time involving the Olympics stadium.

The Telegraph reports that a second man has been arrested in connection with police investigations over the Tottenham Hotspur bid to use the stadium after next year's Olympic games.

The arrest follows allegations that investigators working for Tottenham Hotspur illegally obtained private telephone and banking records during the stadium-bidding process.

Spurs deny this.

The arrest comes on top of reports that accountants PKF, the company hired by Tottenham to carry out investigations during the Olympic Stadium bid, have admitted passing on copies of Karren Brady’s illegally obtained telephone records to The Sunday Times.

Allegations of corruption in football and sport, who would have thought it?

I dare say the white elephant of the stadium can be used as a prison after the games, if anyone is found guilty of these allegations.

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