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Friday, 27 January 2012

Lord Coe Gets His Figures Wrong

 Lord Coe is quoted on Bettor speaking about the Olympics "budget":

"We will maintain a balanced budget to the completion of the project and the infrastructure will be delivered within the budget that has already been agreed by government. 

Occasionally some things are slightly more than you expect. On a lot of occasions they’re slightly less than you expect, but overall those changes have taken place within that £9.3bn envelope.”

Aside from the fact that the original "budget" when the UK tendered for this leviathan was under £3BN, Lord Coe is mistaken about the current "budget" for the games.

When the running costs of over £2BN are included, the actual cost of the games will be £12BN.

I wonder why Locog et al keep "forgetting" to mention these running costs?

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