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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Barefoot Athletes

There seems to be something of a hissy fit going on between the BOA and the agents of one of the sponsors of the London 2012 Olympics.

The agents of some competitors, who are sponsored by Nike, have told the BOA that athletes would be in breach of contracts if they are forced to wear Team GB’s official ”presentation outfit” which is sponsored by Adidas.

The agents have told the BOA that athletes might have to take off their shoes before mounting the presentation dais.

The BOA have hit back, and said that the rules mean that the athletes must wear the sponsor's (Adidas) footwear at all times.
What a complete load of old bollocks and fuss over a matter of footwear.

There seems to be too much money and too many corporate egos involved with these games.

As noted many times before, the Olympics are about money not sport!

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  1. Day after day I despair at the utter numptiness of those supposedly in high positions. Did it not occur to them at all, when discussing the deal with Adidas, that some sportspeople are sponsored by other suppliers of sports goods.

    1. Sadly I fear, those at the top haven't thought about much at all, other than the cash they can make from this egofest.