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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Locog Reneges On Another Promise

Locog has reneged on yet another promise, and has decreed that it will charge up to £15 for 30,000 tickets for prime vantage points for the Olympics cycling event at Box Hill and up to £15 for 3,500 tickets for the start and finish area of the time trial at Hampton Court Palace.

Locog had previously promised that the admission would be free.

Additionally, smelling more money to be made, Locog will sell about 6,000 tickets at £10 each over the last three days to watch a large television screen on Henman Hill at Wimbledon. There will be no tennis on the outside courts on those days.

Locog are offering these "new" tickets for sale on 23 May.

However, the Telegraph reports that these are in fact a sop "to fend off criticism from nearly a million applicants who will again fail to secure any tickets in the next round of sales which start on Friday".

This Friday will see the sale of 928,000 tickets.

Ticketmaster executive Chris Edmonds has warned that the expected demand will create a slow computer system, that could take 20 minutes to process a payment:
People will have to have patience."
Which roughly translated means:
"In order to maximise our profits we didn't invest in a system that can handle the load, tough luck!"

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1 comment:

  1. Lord of Atlantis9 May 2012 at 06:51

    Typical! This has less to do with participation in sport for all, but more to do with maximising profits at everyone's expense, in my opinion! Kerching!