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Friday, 29 April 2005

Pac Man Logo Upsets Inuits

The new logo for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics has caused quite a stir amongst the Inuit population of Canada.

The freehand interpretation of an Inuit stone figure, known as "inukshuk", is called "Ilanaaq" the Inuit word for "friend."

However, Edward John, the grand chief of Canada's First Nations Summit has condemned it.

He said that the logo does not reflect the indigenous people of Canada's western coast.


"We're very surprised at the choice..If the Games were in the North or in the Arctic, and we had a totem pole or a west coast design, I'm not sure (the Inuit would) be happy either,".

Chief Stewart Philip, president of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs added:

"I can't help but notice the remarkable resemblance it has to Pac-Man,".

John said that he would be sending a letter to International Olympic Committee President, Jacques Rogge, about the matter.

They may have a job convincing Rogge, he is quoted as saying:

"I loved it immediately..I smiled when I saw it. It reminds me of a hockey goalie."


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