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Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Sports Won't Be Dropped

The International Olympic Committee President, Jacques Rogge, said on Monday that it is unlikely that any sports will be dropped from the Summer Olympics.

This means that new sports will not be admitted to the Olympics programme.

Rogge, in referring to review of the 2012 Games programme, said:

"There should be no anxiety...The process will be a totally fair process. Reading the report, I have only one conclusion. We have very strong federations, and strong federations should have nothing to fear."

Rogge also ruled out raising the number of Olympic sports above the limit of 28. He said the cap was approved by the IOC in 2002, and is enshrined in the Olympic charter and host city contracts.

As he said:

"We do not want the Games to become too big...If you go above the number of 28, you increase the demands on the organising committee and cause saturation among the public. The rules are set. There is no way we can change that."

To my view the Games are too big, too difficult to organise and too costly; the best idea would be to cut them back significantly.

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