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Tuesday, 12 July 2005

French Still Fuming Over Olympics

In the true spirit of the entente cordiale, Betrand Delanoe the mayor of Paris is still crying fowl over the decision to award the 2012 Olympics to London.

Delanoe, president of the Paris bid, said that London had not respected the rule of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) stating that meetings between bid officials and IOC members should be only informal.


"The IOC knows that (British Prime Minister) Tony Blair had written to IOC members to offer to meet them,".

Delanoe said that Blair had then met IOC members in his hotel suite in Singapore, before Wednesday's vote.

Delanoe shrilly squawked:

"Everybody was aware of it and could see it..that's against the rules. I saw people coming out of Blair's suite."

My message to Delanoe is simple:

Shut up, you have lost, get on with your life!

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