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Monday, 18 July 2005

London Bombings and The Olympics

A Populus poll carried out for The Times, following the London bombings, has confirmed that most British people continue to back the 2012 Olympics.

59% said that they thought hosting the games in London would increases the danger of a further terrorist attack on Britain.

68% said that the benefits of having the Olympics in Britain would be "well worth" the money the government will spend on the games.

Those living in London and the South East are least pessimistic about the chances of Britain becoming a target for terrorists as a result of hosting the games.

Public support for the Olympics is higher in London and the South East, where most of the sporting events will be held.

Of those questioned in the area, 72% said that they supported the games, compared to Scotland, where support is at its lowest, at 56%.

70% said that they thought the UK would face a "real struggle" to complete the large scale projects on time.

85% said that they thought the cost of staging the Olympics would exceed the current estimates of planners.

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