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Tuesday, 9 August 2005

Artistic Licence

The organisers of the Beijing Olympics 2008 have announced a worldwide competition for such Olympics related artwork, designed to reflect China's aspiration of the Olympics and help promote the Games.

The work should be related to the theme of Beijing 2008 Olympics which is "One World One Dream."

The calligraphy should preferably be in Chinese characters.

Li Beng Hua, deputy director of Beijing's department of cultural activities, said that the competition would be open to global participation; via Chinese embassies and consulates overseas, as well as international agencies and institutions.

A total of 290 designs will be short-listed from all entries during the first half of next year.

Three replicas of each selected entry will be made to take part in an exhibition tour of major Chinese cities.

In the second round of selection, 110 pieces will be selected based on public votes and appraisals by a panel of experts. A final 29 entries will be chosen for the gold, silver and bronze awards.

There will be no prize money, as the kudos will be reward in itself.

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