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Monday, 16 January 2006

Greek Lessons

Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis has promised to provide assistance in every possible way to the Chinese, in order to make 2008 Beijing Olympic Games successful.


"I would like to assure you that Greece will assist in every possible way the effort of the Chinese government so that the Games of Beijing will be outstanding in all aspects, and a true reflection of the long history and rich culture of China, as well as its current status as a world political and economic power."


"Greece is ready to offer her expertise and know-how whenever this is asked for."

Two Chinese Olympic delegations have already visited Greece, and the Alternate Minister for Culture and Athletics, Ms Petralia, has already visited China twice.

There are some very clear lessons that the Chinese can learn from the Athens Games, namely; cost control, effective planning and budgeting.

None of these were in evidence at the Athens Games, the result being a crippling price tag to the hapless Greek taxpayer of 13BN Euros and a variety of white elephants that no one wishes to use.

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