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Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Olympics Strike

In the true spirit of the Olympics, ie making money, the ground staff at Turin airport have shown that they are more than willing to enter into the spirit of things.

They have just started a wildcat strike, breaking an Olympic games truce with local unions less than three weeks before the Winter Games.

The labour stoppage is forcing flights to land at other Italian airports, and leaving travellers stranded after their flights did not depart.

Turin airport spokesman, Roberto Bergandi, said workers were protesting about plans to fire 11 ground staff.

A local truce covering the airport began 10 days ago, while a nationwide truce is due to begin on January 31.

Meanwhile, an official from a union for workers involved in an unrelated labour dispute with Alitalia raised the possibility that if that airline's employees remain dissatisfied with efforts to resolve their complaints they could violate the nationwide Olympics truce with strikes.

There's the true "Olympic spirit"!

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