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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The True Cost of The Games

I have stated many times on this site that the true cost of London's Olympics 2012 will be around £20BN; eg in this article published September 2007.

It would seem that, according to The Times, I am right.

Budgets for the Olympics buildings bear little resemblance to reality as costs skyrocket, eg the bill for the aquatics centre is already four times higher than the original bid price.

Jack Lemley, the former chairman of the ODA, has warned that the cost of the Olympics will come to £20BN and that Ken Livingstone and Tessa Jowell had been understating the true costs.


"We will never be able to go really public with the full budget.

That was always suppressed and the mayor didn't want any significant growth in these budgets because it would create a bigger tax

Needless to say, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport deny this.

Time will prove Lemley and myself right.

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