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Monday, 21 April 2008

What Legacy?

It seems that the much touted London 2012 Olympics legacy may in fact not be quite as tangible, or long lasting, as the organisers of the games would have us believe.

The New Economics Foundation, an independent thinktank, has issued a report that says the games are in danger of following previous Olympics, which boosted tourism, leisure and infrastructure but failed to improve the lives of the poorest residents.

It states that the enormous sums of money being pumped into the area will leak out to consultants, developers and large companies.

Local businesses will be unable to compete, and local people priced out of the housing market because of gentrification.

Josh Ryan-Collins, co-author of the report, said:

"Urgent action must be taken to prevent the communities of east London being trampled in the gold rush.

The regeneration legacy was not just an enlightened addition to the plan for the games - it was central to the bid

They are right to warn of the dangers, the sums of money involved in the games attracts "consultants" and other purveyors of unnecessary services/products like shit does flies.

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