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Friday, 17 July 2009

Snouts In The Trough

Snouts in The Trough
How reassuring to see that, despite the current recession and a budget that is out of control, those tasked with keeping the costs of the London Olympics 2012 under control are making sure that they are personally not in danger of facing any undue financial hardship.

CLM, a consortium of surveyors overseeing the Olympic construction project, received £151M last year (double what had been previously paid).

On top of this largess to the consultants, Olympic bosses found the time and the funds to award themselves some very generous pay rises.

Staff at the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) took home £30M, including £2M of bonuses. David Higgins, CEO, received took home £537K (generously deferring half of his £201K bonus until 2012).

Howard Shiplee, director of construction, claimed £19,343 in expenses, including £11,478 on hotels and nearly £2,280 on taxis.

It is reassuring to know that those who are running this "venture" on behalf of the taxpayer, really know and understand the true value of money.

Our money safe in their hands!


Olympic Medals won during the Beijing 2008 Olympics

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