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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

BBC Olympic "Budget"

The Sun has outed the BBC's travel "budget" for the London Olympics.

"The BBC is to land licence-payers with a £3 million bill to send sport staff to cover the London Olympics from Manchester – just a year after it relocates from the, train fares, taxis and accommodation".

The reason that the BBC, based in London, is expecting to spend so much money is that (for reasons that only a "detached" and poorly managed bureaucracy such as the BBC can understand) the BBC sports department are moving out of London to Manchester one year before the Olympics.

Clearly an intelligent plan would have been to move after the Games.

The BBC then go on to dig themselves into a deeper hole by saying that, because plans are still being developed, they "can't speculate on the costs involved".

In other words, they have no budget (clearly taking their cue from the organisers of the London Olympics!)

Not very impressive is it?

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