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Friday, 11 December 2009

Food Matters

It seems that the organisers of the London Olympics, with their enthusiasm for McDonald's and Coke, have neglected to mention London's largest fresh produce wholesale market (New Spitalfields Market) in food provision proposals.

This is somewhat ironic as the catering for the Olympics is, so we are told, meant to showcase British produce (does that include the 20% of food provided by McDonald's etc?).

The Fresh Produce Journal quotes Spitalfields' business development manager, Tim Williams:

"Despite our many attempts to connect with the relevant authorities, they have completely ignored the existence of the largest wholesale market in the UK, which is sited half a mile from the main Olympic Park, Olympic Village and press and broadcast centres."

Regrettably money and sponsorship is the driving force behind these games, vegetables simply are not as "exciting" as fizzy sugared water and processed meat products.

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