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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Olympics U Turn

Sportsbeat claim that "an official" has told them that the hapless Olympics Minister, Tessa Jowell, is now willing to allow West Ham to discuss moving into the Olympics stadium after the Games.

They quote the unnamed official:

"I was at meetings three or four years ago with the minister and Ken Livingstone, when he was Mayor of London, and they did not want to have a football club in there.

This is a significant U-turn

Now here's the funny thing, if West Ham do move in they may well rebrand themselves as West Ham Olympic.

What about the "brand fascists" working for Locog et al, who zealously guard the Olympics brand by stomping on any person/small business who dares to mention "Olympics", "2012", "London" etc in their publicity?

Oh well, given that the organisers are desperate for someone to use the stadium afterwards, I am sure the "brand fascists" will be told to remove their jackboots on this occasion.

It's the money, not the sport, that matters!

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  1. West Ham, the team I support, have a nice stadium with a good hotel...We have been there for over a hundred years....I suspect we own the ground....If they sell off the stadium and then lease the Olympic stadium from Nanny, with all the PC strings attached, surely that is asset stripping is it not?