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Monday, 18 January 2010

Speeding Sewage

Lord West (a Home Office Minister) has reassured a House of Lords sub committee that the London Olympics are safe from being hit by sewage travelling at "40 miles an hour".

I am at a loss to understand why sewage would suddenly shoot out onto the site. However, I am reassured to know that it now won't!

Re other, more likely occurrences, Lord West stated that thee games' computer system, which controls ticketing, has already come under cyber attack.

The BBC quote him:

"Almost every single government and industrial and other site is under attack, probably quite regularly. There are always people trying to get into these things.

And so on the Olympic system, for example, we have found there have been some attacks on that and we are aware of those and we are dealing with them, but it's something that we have to constantly monitor

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