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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Spurs Bid "Completely Unacceptable"

The Chairman of UK Athletics (UKA), Ed Warner, has lashed out at Tottenham Hotspur's bid for the Olympic Stadium post London Olympics 2012.

Spurs with their bidding partner, AEG, have been named as one of the preferred bidders. However, if they win, they plan to remove the athletics track and turn the stadium into a mecca for the "god of football".

All very well, maybe. However, when the London Olympics organisers bid for the games in 2005 they made a "promise" (how these things tend to be "forgotten" with the passage of time) to leave a legacy of an athletics track.

Ed Warner hasn't forgotten that promise, and has told the BBC:

"It is [essential] for Tottenham and AEG to go back to the original promise made in 2005.

That was about UK Athletics being at the heart of the Olympic Park...

Anything they might propose for an athletics legacy has to be a compromise to the stadium continuing to operate at a world-class level. To my mind that is completely unacceptable

The question is will money override fairweather promises?

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