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Monday, 7 February 2011

Spin City

The foreign affairs committee has expressed concern that the Foreign Office's overall message about what Britain is, and how it should be regarded during the 2012 Olympics is ill-defined.

Seemingly the committee wants Britain to be promoted as a "diverse, inclusive and friendly country. Or in a word ... generous."

I wonder if that doesn't slightly go against the grain of David Cameron's recent speech, in which he sounded the death knell for "multiculturalism"?

Notwithstanding that, the committee is also concerned that the Foreign Office (FCO) should squash any negative stories that appear in the media (I assume foreign media) about the Olympics.

As such a "rapid response unit" should be set up:

"We recommend that the FCO should form a 'rapid response unit', set up well before the Games, which is adequately resourced and prepared to take swift action to rebut or challenge negative stories appearing in the world media."

Who then is meant to handle negative stories in the UK media?

Surely the Olympics organisers already have a media and PR department set up at considerable cost to the British taxpayer?

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