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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

There Won't Be Chaos At Heathrow!

As citizens of, and regular travellers to, the UK know our airports (especially London airport) are operating at overcapaicity, shambolic and prone to descend into chaos at the merest hint of a snowflake or ash cloud. Therefore it should come as no surprise at all to learn that four major airlines (British Airways, BMI, Virgin Atlantic and Easyjet) have warned about the congestion and chaos likely at our airports (especially Heathrow) during the forthcoming Olympics.

Despite the fact that airlines know something (one would have thought) about the business in which they operate, Sebastian Coe is having none of it and is insisting that the airports will operate well during the games.

He is quoted by the BBC:

"There won't be chaos.

Heathrow Airport operates at full capacity all the time....we have a very good operational plan...", with Heathrow "operating a very effective service".

Hmmm, that's all very well in theory. However, he neglected to point out that Heathrow, because it operates at full capacity, often descends into chaos when the slightest little thing (eg one snowflake) goes wrong.

A temporary terminal (Terminal 6) is being constructed at Heathrow, to ease congestion.

British Airways, BMI, Virgin Atlantic and Easyjet remain unimpressed:

"As the situation currently stands the industry believes that there is a significant risk of severe delay and disruption at all of London's major airports unless urgent action is taken

Time is running out to ensure that any changes to procedures and the appropriate training are in place prior to the Games."

The proof of the pudding will be in the eating!

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1 comment:

  1. Perhaps Lord Coe(sic) will decree that there will be an Olympic only runway, an Olympic only terminal and everybody else should piss off out of it, given that is what they've done regarding the likely road and tube conjestion.........At least, if its conjested on a Sunday, everybody will be able to go shopping.....Lovely Lord Coe, lovely...You're the man!