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Monday, 23 April 2012

G4S Ban Photographs

It seems that some journalists had a wee bit of a run in with G4S, the private security company protecting the Olympics park, the other day when G4S tried to stop photos being taken by the journalists on public land.

The Guardian reports:
"Private guards at the Olympic park have been filmed forcibly attempting to stop the media taking pictures and footage of the complex in east London, raising new concerns about potentially aggressive and over-intrusive security during the Games.

During the incident two guards from G4S, the security giant which is recruiting at least 10,000 staff for the event, attempted to clamp their hands over the lenses of stills and video cameras, even though the footage is being shot on public land.

While there are numerous rules about photography and filming inside the Olympic complex itself, which is private land, there are no restrictions on the use cameras from public areas."
Apparently no one told G4S that photos can be taken from public land.

This "misunderstanding" by G4S over the law does not bode well for the smooth and "harmonious" running of the games.

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