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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Newham's Social Cleansing

Wherever the Olympics is held, those deemed "undesirable" and a potential threat to the "brand image" of the host city are always moved on.

Step forward Newham Council in East London, where this year's summer Olympic Games will be held, which has decided to cleanse itself of its less "desirable" inhabitants by trying to move 500 families to Stock -on-Trent.

A spokesman for Newham told The Telegraph that the new housing benefit cap of £400 a week had made it difficult to find private homes for low-income families.
"Newham – along with other London councils – is under significant pressure.

We are doing everything we can to ensure we have good quality, affordable housing which is fairly distributed. 
 Alongside a number of other London councils, we are also exploring the option of working with housing associations outside the borough to house people with an immediate need in the private sector, when there is no other alternative."
The solution for Newham is simple. All they have to do is ask one of their councillors, Ayesha Chowdhury, to help out. She has financial interest in a string of properties in Newham.

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