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Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Mayor Ken Supports Paris

In a bizarre display of openness, Ken Livingstone the Mayor of London said that Paris was leading the race of the five cities to host the 2012 Olympics.


"We've closed the gap on Paris, but the truth is, Paris is still ahead...No city is close to a majority on the first ballot..".

However, Livingstone insisted the decision on which city will host the Games, to be made by the International Olympic Committee 117 members in Singapore on July 6 was "still up for grabs".

Livingstone tried to predict the voting intentions of the IOC:

"At most Paris has got about 30 votes. We have 25 votes and none of the other cities has more than 20, and we've got about 30 to 40 delegates yet to express an opinion...If in the end it is Paris and London, the people who voted for Moscow, New York and Madrid will say what is my second vote."

He added:

"The thing is these people are so skilled at not indicating which they favour and so when they are in any city, everyone thinks this is going really well because they are really good at avoiding bad press coverage. They should give us all a lesson."

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