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Thursday, 17 March 2005

Moscow's Big Push

Moscow reportedly made a big push on Wednesday, in their bid to host the 2012 Olympics; there was even a sales pitch from President Vladimir Putin, and a caviar and vodka reception for IOC commission at the Kremlin.

Putin said to the delegates:

"I'm sure you will agree with me that our country is one of the greatest athletic powers in the world,".

He spoke about the boycott in 1980, after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan:

"Thank God that time has passed...The world has changed. Russia itself has changed, but one thing has not changed, and that is the interest of the Russian people and their love of sports."

Moscow is the last leg of the journey for the evaluators. The full International Olympic Committee will select the host city on July 6 in Singapore.

During the reception in the Kremlin palace chamber, the inspectors were treated to; caviar, sturgeon, quail breasts and crab cakes.

Moscow proposes holding all events within 16 miles of the city centre, under a bid plan focusing on the "Olympic River" concept. Many venues and the Olympic village will be located alongside or near the Moscow River, with boats providing transportation.

The cost is estimated to be around $10BN, most of which would come from private sources.

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