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Tuesday, 15 March 2005

Moscow Optimistic

It is reported that the Moscow Olympics bid committee are optimistic that they will get to host the 2012 Games, following a presentation to the International Olympic Committee evaluation commission.

So far, every city that has hosted the commission has expressed optimism that they would win.

Valery Shantsev, a deputy Moscow mayor and the head of the city's Olympic bid committee, told reporters:

"I believe Moscow has the best chances among all...We had a positive dialogue in the morning. The IOC panel members expressed lively interest in our presentations..".

He added:

"If we start a battle, we always do everything to clinch the win. That's the Russian people's national feature..We have successfully hosted more than 100 world and European championships and the World Cup events here since 1980. Nobody in the world has similar experience."

The IOC panel, is scheduled for a press conference Thursday, on Monday viewed Moscow's presentations and also studied the transportation and environmental aspects of the Moscow bid.

Moscow Games would use the city's Moskva river as a multifunctional centerpiece, serving both as a visual backdrop for international television as well as the transportation artery for athletes, tourists and Olympic Games staff to avoid traffic jams.

It seems that more than 210 new hotels will be opened in Moscow by 2012, these will add 100000 extra rooms.

The Games have got the full backing from the entire country's political spectrum, a rare feat!

The decision on the host city of 2012 Olympics will be taken after the final vote on July 6 in Singapore.

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