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Monday, 12 December 2005

40000 Violent Protesters Threaten Winter Olympics

The Turin Winter Olympic Games are at risk from tens of thousands of people protesting against the construction of an Alpine high-speed rail link.

Valentino Castellani, the head of the Italian organising committee for the Winter Games, said:

"We need a truce to save the Olympics."

The majority of the Olympic events are to be staged in Val Di Susa, which is the centre of the protests against a new rail tunnel through the mountains.

Dozens of protesters and police were injured last week. Police said that the number of protesters has risen to 40,000.

The demonstrations began when local residents opposed, on environmental grounds, the 33 mile tunnel.

They claim that the tunnelling, through asbestos and uranium deposits, will cause long term health risks and damage the landscape.

Signor Berlusconi said that the demonstrators had been infiltrated by "at least a thousand subversive hardline anarchists" from Italy and other parts of Europe.

Signor Castellani, the Italian Olympic chief, said:

"I am very worried."


"It would take only a handful of violent protesters to disrupt the Games."

Sergio Chiamparino, the Mayor of Turin, said:

"We are dealing with a serious emergency that is becoming more dramatic by the minute."

Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee, said that he hoped that a solution would be found.

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