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Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Piracy Alert

Dan Glickman, the CEO and chairman of Motion Picture Association of America, has urged the Chinese to eradicate on movie piracy and open its markets to additional American films by the time that 2008 Olympics kick off in Beijing.

He was speaking on Tuesday at an industry convention in Beijing.


"In 2008, China will be at the center of the world stage, hosting the 29th Olympic Games. It will be a terrific moment of pride for the country. And so I would like to plant this challenge: by 2008, to have more legal than illegal DVDs sold in China, to have more American movies in Chinese theaters and to have more Chinese movies in American theaters."

Motion picture piracy in China costs US studios around $300M a year, according to estimates.

Glickman added:

"It is virtually impossible to find counterfeit Olympics goods in China.


As one of the Chinese officials said, it is because fakes dilute the value of the logo, the intellectual property upon which the Chinese have invested to finance the games.

The value of that intellectual property is worth protecting for all film producers, everywhere. It's the same value that exists for that independent Chinese filmmaker who was in my office and for all the other filmmakers from around Asia and the world whose collective creative spirit is such a commodity

Money is a remarkable motivator!

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