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Friday, 2 December 2005

The Fraudulent Olympics

Victor Conte, the founder of BALCO which is at the centre of a major sports doping scandal, has said what many have long suspected; namely that the Olympics are a fraud.

He has given an interview to ABC News for their "20/20" show, just as he began his 4 month jail term, in the interview he said "the Olympic Games are a fraud".

He exposed the custom made regimens of performance enhancing drugs for top athletes, including Olympic track and field superstar Marion Jones.

Jones has never failed a drug test and, in a statement by her lawyers, has denied using any banned substances. However, Conte claims that he has shown her how to use drugs that would not be detected by testing.

Conte said in the interview that he believes that over half of the top athletes are using anabolic steroids, and 80% are taking some kind of stimulant before every game.

He believes that the way to "level the playing field" is to legalise these drugs.


"It's not cheating if everybody is doing it. And if you've got the knowledge that that's what everyone is doing, and those are the real rules of the game, then you're not cheating."

However, were the drugs to be legalised then the "athletic" competition would become a research and development competition between competing drugs companies; who would use the athletes as their guinea pigs.

Now we know why the IOC are so keen to make Italy relax its criminal legislation, in respect of drugs; there is a very real danger that, during the forthcoming Winter Olympics, half of the competitors (if Conte is right) would end up in jail.

Now that would really damage the Olympic cash cow.

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