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Saturday, 22 May 2004

A Big Fat Cow

I understand that the "beautification" of Athens, in time for the Olympics, has fallen foul of the budget constraints.

It seems that good quality plants and shrubs, that would have been able to take root and flourish in the hottest part of the year, have been axed.

So much for the Games adding value to the city that hosts them!

In fact, as I have noted, these games are likely to be the most controversial ever held. An "anti 2004 alliance", consisting of; artists, anarchists, architects, greens and other assorted "scallywags" is organising an ongoing campaign of protests against the Athens 2004 Games.

The anti 2004 alliance believes that the Games have turned into a money making extravaganza; with the lofty ideals of sportsmanship, and co-operation between nations long since abandoned.

They believe that the Games have become a "big fat cash cow".

True or not, I suspect that the good citizens of Athens will see very little of the cash themselves.

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