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Friday, 21 May 2004

Dad to the Rescue

It is reported that President Bush says Greece is making "good progress", in its efforts to protect the Olympics 2004 from a terrorist attack.

A cynic might remark that praise from the man who engineered the current "stability and security" in Iraq, is not necessarily worth that much.

Unfortunately, it being an election year, the President won't be attending the games himself. He will instead send his 80 year old father.

I doubt that the election is the prime reason for skipping the Olympic Games.

Those of you who were present in London a while ago, when the President visited, will recall the enormous security precautions taken there. They were exceptionally costly in terms of manpower, money and disruption to daily life.

All of that was required to make the President feel safe in a country that is a stable ally, and well used to protecting VIP's.

Imagine the chaos and confusion that would occur if he went to Greece.

The sad fact for the USA is, that there are simply very few countries in the world now that can make the President of the world's most powerful nation feel safe.

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