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Monday, 17 May 2004

It's All BALCO's

I understand that Marion Jones, two time 100 metre champion, has indicated that she will go to court if the USA Anti Drug Agency stops her going to the Olympics in Athens this year.

It seems that the USADA can now keep athletes from competing not just because of a positive drug test, but also if there is other evidence of drug violations.

Marion Jones is a tad "pissed off" at this, and vented her spleen to journalists about the matter.

However, she made no comment about the BALCO issue.

BALCO is the Bay Area Lab Co-operative, it seems that there have been allegations about drug violations; whereby athletes have allegedly been obtaining steroids.

Marion Jones and other athletes have testified in front of a grand jury about BALCO.

It seems that a Senate committee may be handing over documents to USADA about their investigation into BALCO.

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