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Thursday, 20 May 2004

Enhance Your Performance

The drug scandal that simply won't go away.

Kelli White, a world class sprinter, has been barred from the Olympics 2004 being held in Athens; seemingly as a result of the investigation into the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO).

Kelli, it appears, has admitted to using steroids and another nefarious enhancing substance. She has been suspended from competition for two years.

It seems that others may well be given a "spanking", for dabbling in enhancing drugs, as the evidence from the BALCO investigation is scrutinised.

Rumours are that the Olympic sprint champion Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery, another runner, are also in the sights of the US Anti Doping Agency.

USADA will be conducting tests, seemingly this will be a case of "urine, you're out".

In other news, London is through to the next stages of deciding who will host the Olympic games in 2012. It came third out of five.

However, the judges gave London a dressing down for its lousy transport infrastructure.

Not much of a surprise there then?

Given the above, the only question that the citizens of the UK should be addressing is; why waste £25M of taxpayers' money, on bidding for something that they have no chance of winning.

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