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Friday, 18 June 2004

Greedy Bastards

Following on from my post yesterday, about the threat of strikes by police and other public service workers; it seems that industrial discontent is rising, along with the temperature in Athens, as the clock ticks down towards the Olympic Games.

Now the hotel workers and taxi drivers are "kicking up a fuss" over money.

The taxi drivers are having a "hissy fit" over plans by the Olympic organisers to ferry VIP's around in mini cabs and vans, rather than pay the "Olympic premium" demanded by the taxi drivers during the period of the Games.

The taxi drivers, for reasons best known to themselves, have threatened to remove VIP's from their cabs and any other vehicle they see. It seems that this constitutes some form of threat, that people should lose sleep over!

The hotel workers took more direct action, by having a punch up with the police yesterday. Peace and harmony, that's the true spirit of the Games!

It seems that the ordinary citizens of Greece are beginning to get more than a little "pissed off" with the entire affair, and are wishing the IOC had chosen another country to host the Games.

The cost of holding the Olympic games is now estimated by the finance minister, Giorgos Alogoskoufis, to be around 6BN Euros (up 30% on previous estimates).

These increased costs have forced some cut backs in the spending, the construction of a large sundial outside the main stadium has now been cancelled.

Never mind, so long as the taxi drivers and their chums manage to extort their "wedge" it will all have been worth it!

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  1. I have some sympathy with the greek workers. These games have been foisted on the greeks by a vainglorious elite who want the kudos of the games, without, it seems, thinking in advance whether they have enough to offer the Olympic movement in return.
    Now they must work overtime, all leave cancelled, to save the face of those higher up who could not get their act together sooner.
    specifically, the behaviour of the taxi drivers/hotel workers is spiteful and rather juvenile. Thinking more expansively, I couldn't blame them for wanting to get a little of their own back on those above them.
    peter hunt, england