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Saturday, 19 June 2004

The Shooting Party

There is a fascinating story from "down under" which, if true, shows how stupid some athletes really are; and how they give sport and winning an undue, and unhealthy, priority in their lives.

It seems that 6 Australian cyclists, some of whom are due to attend and compete in the 2004 Olympics, are alleged to have used a hotel bedroom last year for injecting prohibited substances into their "healthy" bodies.

The venue for this little "shooting party" was, according to Kate Lundy Labour party sports spokesperson, the Australian Institute of Sport's facility in Adelaide.

Even more bizarrely, is the fact that one of the substances allegedly used was equine growth hormone.

Yes, you did read correctly, something that would normally be given to horses.

In the event that these allegations turn out to be true, my advice to these dimwitted athletes is simply this:

Get a life losers!

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